Monday, August 3, 2009



There was a lot of great shows this year at the Mid State Fair, with vocal excellence of Carrie Underwood, a great performance from Journey, KISS' pyro technics, Tim McGraw making national news by mistakingly kicking another guy out of one of his shows, there was a lot going on and a lot to talk about.

The fair had one if its best post rodeo finals concert with super group of the 90's, Little Texas. As I have said on the air, I am a huge fan of Little Texas. They were literally MY FIRST exposure to country music. I grew up in the suburbs of L.A, so country music was never something I got exposed a lot to. When my brother in law Andy threw in the album 'First Time for Everything' from Little Texas, I was hooked. Great Harmonies, Great Music, and more importantly, Great Hair!

With their hits, You and Forever and Me, I'd Rather Miss You, What Might Have Been, My Love, Kick a Little, Some Guys Have All the Love, and ofcourse, God Bless Texas, these guys had plenty of great songs to sing for the very welcoming crowd.

I watched the whole show like a 5 year old boy. I just stared at it. My wife probably thinks I have issues. I made up for the lack of attention I likely denied her the whole show, and we shared a slow dance to What Might Have Been that I will never forget.

The guys were very gracious and nice
in the backstage meet and greet. In fact when we were all there, Del says out loud, "Is Adam here?" I was thinking, "Did the guy from Little Texas just say he was looking for me?" Like I said, I may have issues.

I asked them and joked wondering if my wish to hear 'You and Forever and Me' in its entirety would likely happen. Duane from the band motioned to me to come back to their dressing room after the show, that they have a surprise for me.

What went down after that was something I'll never forget.

They invited me and my small group of friends in their dressing room, and they began looking for a guitar. They realized all their instruments had been taken to the stage, so one of the guys went to the stage to get a guitar, and they played an unplugged version of You and Forever and Me the whole way through, and I even got to sing with them. When I went back to watch the video of what went down, I cant believe I sound so loud and obnoxious singing with them, but I must have been really into it. They sounded great. I'll make a couple needed edits to the video, and post it here tomorrow hopefully.

Enjoy the pics...beginning with a pic with the entire band (all original members), and my good friend Jeremy.

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