Friday, October 2, 2009

Brooks and Dunn @ The Chumash!

Brooks and Dunn spent what very well may be their last night playing the Chumash Casino Resort doing all their #1's...and then some, which is also the title of their brand new greatest hit album.
Kix and Ronnie put on a great show despite having numerous vocal issues through out the night, some of which they even made open jokes about. Probably the song most affected by these noticeable vocal issues was the song, 'Believe', which happens to be probably my favorite song from the duo. One literally every big note, Ronnie would pull the mic away from his mouth, sometimes with his arm extended all the way. You could tell he was feeling it out, and a couple times thought he may of had the note under control, brought the mic back to him, and you would hear a note that you think should be coming from someone from the first weeks of the American Idol auditions. You know the auditions where the people are just horrible. I really felt bad for the guy. I mean here is Ronnie Dunn; thought by most to have the GREATEST male voice in country music, and he was struggling bad, atleast on that song. Some of the other hits that weren't as vocally demanding were not as bad, and to be fair to Ronnie, the couple songs that Kix normally does on his own, didnt sound so hot either. And despite some obvious vocal numances, don't get me wrong, the show was great!
I have seen B&D a few times, and one of my favorite parts, and one the reasons they are one of my favorite shows to catch is the military tribute they have been known to do during their hit, "Only In America". The have members from the different military branches march out during the chorus, and the crowd goes nuts. The mixture of the song, then these service men/women marching out, not so much as even cracking a smile, or making eye contact with anyone, even B&D. Through the fast paced song, they slowly salute, then make their way off stage. I took some video of it yesterday from my Blackberry, so I invite you to check it out below. I will warn you though, the crowd is going to flippin crazy loud, you can barely hear the song being sung and played in the background. Enjoy.
Even though the guys have one final farewell tour they are calling 'The Last Rodeo' tour slated for 2010, it being a farewell tour to arguably the biggest duo in country music history, it might not find its way back to a venue like the Chumash for obvious reasons, mainly capacity. Oh and yea, it be nice to be able to have a beer there as well.